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Introducing the Momentum Bonus

Assumption Life Momentum Bonus, a compensation initiative that encourages you to build sales momentum and grow your business, while earning more commission in the process.


How to qualify for the Momentum bonus

Advisors who reach $10,000 in net annualized first year commission (NAFYC) and place a minimum of 5 policies within a calendar year will be eligible for the Momentum Bonus.

How it works
Once an advisor reaches $10,000 NAFYC and place a minimum of 5 policies the Momentum Bonus is applied to all NAFYC for that given year and the advisor will be eligible for an increased Momentum Bonus the following year (see below). As long as the advisor continues to achieve the $10,000 NAFYC and place a minimum of 5 policies each calendar year, they will qualify for the Momentum Bonus.

Find out how the Momentum Bonus will influence your commissions by using our calculator!

Bonus payout

The Momentum Bonus is calculated the last day of each month. Once an advisor reaches $10,000 NAFYC and a minimum of 5 policies, the Momentum Bonus will be paid retroactive based on all NAFYC earned since the beginning of the calendar year. The bonus will be paid the first week of the following month.

Earning a higher bonus elsewhere? We’ll match it!

Assumption Life is committed to helping you grow your business. In addition to the Momentum Bonus, we offer a matching program. If you're currently earning more with another carrier Assumption Life can match it!

If you achieve Momentum qualification, i.e. $10,000 in NAFYC and a total of 5 policies in 2023, you now qualify for our matching offer! If you receive a higher bonus rate elsewhere and provide proof, we’ll MATCH up to 30% bonus rate and compensate you the additional on all your sales to date, from January 1, 2023 to date.

You remain eligible for a higher bonus rate every year, from 2024 and beyond, on all your Assumption Life sales, once you achieve the yearly minimum NAFYC requirement.

Official written confirmation from another carrier of an advisor’s bonus level eligibility for 2023 must be provided before the same eligibility may be offered under the Momentum Bonus program. Assumption Life reserves the right to determine what constitutes acceptable proof and which products define policies.