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Discover Lia, the all-in-one sales tool!

The Lia sales platform allows you to quote and submit life insurance applications using a single, user-friendly tool.

Once Lia is installed, you will need to fill out your user profile. If you are an Assumption Life advisor, enter your current username and password. 

If you are not yet an Assumption Life advisor, use this temporary username: Lia.test2013 and password: Lia.test2013

Download Lia on your computer
Follow these two steps to download Lia

Step 1
Install Adobe Air (required)

Step 2
Download Lia
sales platform

For Windows (PC) Computers
For Apple (Mac) Computers
Download Lia

Having trouble downloading? Call our Lia support team 1-855-853-6040 (option 2).

Download instructions for your tabletiPad and Android

Once Lia is installed, you will need to fill out your user profile. If you are an Assumption Life advisor, enter your current username and password. 

Download instructions for Apple iPad (tablet)
Install Lia on your Apple iPad tablet directly from the Apple App Store.

Apple Version
Download instructions for Android tablets
Install Lia on your Android tablet directly from the Google Play Store.

Android Version

About Lia

Error proof 
Lia is by your side 24/7 and makes sure every detail has been successfully entered. Assuring a perfect application every time!

Non face-to-face sales
Simplest process in the industry:

  • No limits.
  • No originals required.
  • No delivery receipt required.
Quick to issue — Quick to pay
Nobody does it better!
  • In as little as 24 hours simplified issue.
  • In as little as 72 hours for underwritten products.
  • We pay twice a week!
Video Tutorials
Module 1 - Steps to download Lia

Module 2 - Lia overview

Module 3 - Create a new application

Module 4 - Electronic Signature

Module 5 - The Cloud


Electronic Signature

Being able to conduct business anytime, anywhere is more important than ever, which is why we are proud to offer you a true non-face-to-face sales experience through our sales platform, Lia.

Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out—we’re always here to help. 

Is the Click to Sign process secure?
Our electronic signature process is very secure. Click to Sign uses your client's personal email address to authenticate the client. Click to Sign is designed to make the electronic signature process seamless and quick as well as legally binding.
Alternative systems for electronic signatureEvidence requirements when using other systems.
While Lia only accepts OneSpan E-Signatures when applying through the app, we’re happy to announce that Assumption Life now accept a variety of E-Signature application systems, including these popular options:
  • Adobe Sign
  • SignNow
  • DocuSign ®
  • OneSpan

Evidence requirements when using other systems.
With Lia’s electronic signature tool, OneSpan, all necessary forms of signatures validation are done automatically within the app for you, so there’s no extra legwork.

But if you prefer to use another electronic signature system, evidence must be attached in order to validate the electronic signature, and for it to be accepted and considered in accordance with the requirements of the insurance contracts.

This includes:
  1. Identification of the author of the signature;
  2. Source and date of the signature. This may include the IP address of the computer or electronic device used to capture the electronic signature, date, client's e-mail address, etc.
  3. The system must contain measures to guarantee the validity of a signature against any subsequent modification (e.g. forcing the client to sign the document a second time after the document has been modified, displaying a note in the document that the document has been modified following the client's signature, etc.).

To help you navigate our application process using these systems, check out our step-by-step guide.

Download Guide
Electronic signature—do’s and don'tsHow to be successful with your electronic signatures.

When submitting an application using the OneSpan E-Signature tool within Lia, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • DO make sure to check “Automatically generated by Lia” under the section of the application form called “Client notice, Declaration and Authorization
  • ​DO make sure each signer has a unique email address when selecting the "Click to Sign" option. The same email address cannot be used for 2 different signers.
  • DON’T forget to click on the orange button that says “Send Emails” to move on to the next step.
  • DO remind your clients to check their junk mail to ensure their forms have been received. Email will come from email adress info@assumption.ca.
  • DON’T submit clients’ applications until they have received the E-Signature request and have signed the documents. Once an application has been submitted and a policy number issued, changes to the E-Signatures cannot be made. If changes are required, the previous application will be cancelled, and you will have to resubmit the full application in Lia again in order to be able to use the E-Signature option.
Supporting document checklistRequirements for a successful electronic signature process.
The following requirements must be met in order to successfully process your application using other application systems’ E-Signatures:
  • Your E-Signature must include date signed, as well as the province where it was signed (owner)
  • You must include validation provided by the E-Signature application system (i.e.: an audit report or history); and
  • Your document must be signed within the original form (no attachments)
If you have more than 3 Persons Insureds, the E-Signature process will be disabled. You will have to use the paper copy of our Declaration and Signature form.

Signature Form 

By using Lia’s OneSpan E-Signature tool, the necessary requirements to validate E-Signatures are automatically met, making it easier and faster for you to apply.
Can I make amendments using e-signatures ?Amendments when using Lia or your own E-Signature system.
Yes! If you need to make amendments or add questionnaires to your client’s application using E-Signatures, you may do so as long as the necessary forms of validation/certifications are provided.
However, you must make these changes using your own E-Signature system, as you will be unable to make changes in Lia once an application has already been submitted.
Can I make changes to applications in Lia?What happens after you submit your application.
No. Even if a policy has not yet been issued, once submitted, changes to an application cannot be made within the Lia app. Any documentation required, such as a questionnaire, would require a signature and therefore cannot be submitted through Lia.
Can I use electronic signatures post-sale?
Yes! If a policy has already been issued, you can use electronic signatures for:
  • A policy loan;
  • A change in protection;
  • A change in beneficiary; or
  • A policy cancellation

Please note we will require the evidence summary attached with every electronic signature send alongside each request (i.e.: an audit report or history).

For all requests that need the policy owner’s signature to proceed, any of the electronic signature system noted above will be accepted with the exception of a change of ownership. For this, we will need a proof of identity, for example a copy of their driver’s license, as this is a new client for us.

How do I make changes to a policy post-sale?
You can make change requests to the administrative team at Assumption Life to prepare the revised documents for you, or if your have an electronic signature system you’d prefer to use, you can use that to make your changes, as long as you provide us with all of the necessary validating documentation as well.