Group Dental Coverage

Assumption Life’s drug and dental card is accepted everywhere in Canada. Our online claims process is an added convenience for your employees. 
Dental Coverage
Assumption Life offers complete dental coverage for employees and their dependants. This benefit includes exams, X-rays and certain surgeries. Dentists can charge Assumption Life directly.

Cost Plus
Assumption Life's Cost Plus program is an option that can be used in regard to all health and dental expenses which exceed the limits outlined in the Benefits Summary or not covered by the Group Insurance Plan.
However, expenses that are not covered by law are not included with this option.
Cost Plus provides four distinct benefits:
  • Covers otherwise uninsured expenses.
  • Premiums are a deductible business expense.
  • Benefits are non-taxable income for the employee (not applicable in Québec).
  • Claims paid do not affect the experience of the group.