Multiemployer Pension Plan

The Assumption Life Multiemployer Pension Plan is unique in Canada! Available in New Brunswick and in Nova Scotia, it offers your employees a contributory pension plan in which both employer and employee participate. The Multiemployer pension plan is a defined contribution plan whose employer and employee contributions are known. Employees may join on a voluntary basis.

The plan’s benefits

The Assumption Life Multiemployer Pension Plan enhances an SME's chances of gaining employee loyalty and providing an additional lifetime retirement income to supplement government retirement programs and personal savings.
In addition, this pension plan:
  • Reduces per-employee administrative fees
  • Offers access to a competitive retirement plan
  • Creates a key benefit for employees
  • Increases employee motivation and loyalty to your company
  • Assists your recruiting efforts
  • Helps attract qualified, highly skilled employees
  • Eases your tax burden
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