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Our Purpose

At the very heart of financial security, we make a difference for our clients and our communities.


Driven by our relentless focus on delivering excellent personalized services, we provide our clients with simple and affordable solutions to ensure their financial security.

Our corporate values

At Assumption Life, we demonstrate leadership, rigor and courage in the way we fully assume our responsibilities with our colleagues, clients and communities.
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We work together to enable respectful, productive and effective interactions. This allows the Company to be agile and aim to deliver one of the best customer experiences in the industry.

As a Company, we consistently deliver on our promises to earn the trust of our colleagues, customers and partners. We build trust through honest and proactive communication.
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We are committed to making a positive difference for our colleagues, customers and communities by putting them at the centre of everything we do.
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Making a difference: the motto that guides our actions

At the very heart of financial security, we make a difference for our clients and our communities. Motivated by our unwavering commitment to providing excellent personalized service, we offer our clients simple and affordable solutions to ensure their financial security.

These excerpts represent Assumption Life's mission and vision and, as president and CEO of the Company, I see them as a source of inspiration on a daily basis so that they are reflected in all the actions of our Company and our employees. These words were chosen with precision by the entire management team, supported by our various sectors, during a vast reflection exercise that led to our 2020-2022 strategic plan. This living document lays the foundations for daily success and prepares our future to meet the needs of our clients, partners and the community. With this intention in mind, it was essential for us to determine what would guide all our actions and initiatives.
Consequently, we have chosen to first include the financial security of our clients and our communities in our raison d'être since we really want to make a difference for each and every one of them. When we use the term “security”, it encompasses all the support we provide to our customers. We're there when they need help.
Making a difference is also expressed through the values chosen and conveyed by Assumption Life. We are talking here about our core values of leadership, commitment, trust and collaboration, which we will amplify through our major strategic orientations. These are aimed at generating sustained team growth and differentiating ourselves through the experience of our clients and distributors. To do so, we will align talent and organization with the 2022 vision. We will strengthen our digital capabilities to serve our customers and brokers and we will transform our business model to be more competitive. Finally, all of this will enable us to remain a leader in our social commitment.
Thanks to the hard work of all of our teams in all of our sectors, we will be able to achieve these ambitious goals set out in our strategic plan.
Together, we will therefore be able to make a real difference for our clients and our communities.
Sébastien Dupuis
President and Chief Executive Officer