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Assumption Life Portfolios

With Assumption Life Portfolios, you can rely on a seasoned team of invaluable allies. The combined expertise of CI Investments, Fidelity Investments and Louisbourg Investments, your investments are in good hands.

It’s normal to wonder about investment choices and be tempted to make changes as the market fluctuates. We take the guesswork out of the equation by handling asset allocation for your investments to maximize returns. The portfolio manager chooses the funds, maintaining the target asset allocation that you chose based on your needs and investor profile.
Guided by your advisor, you simply answer a few questions to determine your investor profile. You can then choose, among the four available, the portfolio that suits your needs and matches your profile.

The portfolio manager takes care of:

  • Selecting the funds for your portfolio
  • Rebalancing your portfolio periodically to ensure its target asset allocation is respected

With Assumption Life Portfolios, you get:

  • Growth with less volatility, thanks to diversification on many levels – asset class, managers, management style, geography and sectors
  • Access to multiple quality funds
  • Expertise of 3 renowned managers – CI Investments, Fidelity Investments and Louisbourg Investments
  • Maturity and death benefit guarantees
  • Potential protection against creditors

No matter what your financial goals, Assumption Life Portfolios can help you reach them simply and easily!